Homework for Life Exercise

Frequency: Daily

According to Matthew Dicks, a daily habit where you can reflect on your day and write down a sentence or two, is one of the best ways to identify, capture, and remember “storyworthy” moments from your own life.

At the end of every day, ask yourself one simple question:

If I had to tell a story from today — a five-minute story onstage about something that took place over the course of this day — what would it be?

Your answer to that question at the end of everyday is what the Homework for Life exercise is.

Your response doesn't have to be more than a sentence or two. It doesn't even need to be carefully written with precise details. Most of the time, it will likely not even feel like it has potential for a good story. It's just a sentence or two that will help you remember the moment and recall it clearly at a later date.

But the key to Homework for Life is to do it everyday and keep it short.

When you sign up for StoryCoach, you will get a daily email reminding you to do your Homework for Life. You simply reply to that email with a sentence or two about a moment from the day, and this app will save it for you. Over time, you will develop the habit,and get into a rhythm of doing your Homework for Life everyday, you will start identifying “storyworthy” moments as they're happening.

To watch Matthew Dicks describe Homework for Life, check out his TEDx talk: